Every client is different, so I offer a range of pricing methods to suit your needs. During your consultation call, we’ll discuss what help you need and the most suitable pricing method.


Pay per Hour

The simplest pricing method is Pay per Hour. This works well for ongoing work or where you need help with a variety of activities. My standard rate starts at £30 per hour. I track and record my hours worked and provide you with a time report along with your invoice.


Pay per Project

The alternative is to Pay per Project. This works well for clear, one-off items of work. Many clients prefer this method as it gives them the certainty of the costs involved. After your consultation call, I would provide you with a fixed-price quote for all of the project work.



If you would like to secure my time in advance but you’re not sure exactly what activities you’d like help with, then a retainer could be the best option. Retainers are agreed in advance for a number of hours each month. This gives you the flexibility to choose how to use my time – which might differ from one month to another.

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