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Crafting Compelling Case Studies: Marketing Freed Podcast Interview

Case studies are one of the most versatile forms of content. But how do you create them? And who should you aim to write case studies about?

Those were some of David Richter’s questions when he interviewed me on the Marketing Freed podcast. Watch or listen to learn:

  • How to repurpose case studies to get more value from them
  • The reasons why gating case studies is a bad idea
  • Whether to write case studies with big brands or small businesses
  • Why I tell a story about lasers and digital watches

We also talked about persuading customers to take part in your case studies. I mentioned a free guide I’ve created with tips, advice and an email template to help you do just that:

Get your free copy of Case Study Kickstarter

Case studies help you build credibility and persuade people to buy from you. But first, you must convince your customers to take part.

In my free guide you’ll learn:

  • 10 ideal customers to approach
  • Best times to contact your customers
  • Crucial things to say to get a ‘Yes’ from your customers

And you get a proven email template you can start using today!

case study kickstarter proven shortcuts to get your customers to agree to case studies

FREE Guide - How to attract leads and unlock sales through case studies

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